Foreign rights

VIVAT Publishing Ltd was established in 2013 after the merge of the two well-known Ukrainian publishers — “Pelican” and “Argument-Print”. Now it is the second largest publishing house in Ukraine with around 3000 titles in print.

Being a part of The Factor Group of Companies VIVAT publishes books with a real appeal to readers, using innovative concepts, high-quality materials, and above all fascinating texts and brilliant illustrations by prominent Ukrainian writers and illustrators.

Our company pays great attention to its presence on the international book market. We sell translation rights worldwide, direct and through sub-agents in selected markets, for authors and titles in all genres:

  • children and young-adult books (fiction and activity books);
  • contemporary and classic literature (fairy tales, novels, short fiction, and poetry written by authors both of local and worldwide fame);
  • gift books, craft books,encyclopedias, etc.

Our team combines great with many years experience of licensing translation rights.

VIVAT Publishing International Division:


Nataliya Zagrebelna 

Senior Foreign Rights Manager


Handles rights in: Asia (except for China), Central and South America, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands , Czech Republic, Serbia, Spain, Portugal, Australia



Anna Vyunnik 

Senior Foreign Rights Manager


Handles rights in: China, Bulgaria, Romania, Moldova, Slovakia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Lebanon, Turkey, France, Belgium  



Liza Korotyayeva

Foreign Rights Manager


Handles rights in: Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Georgia, Poland, Israel, Greece, Italy, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland


Vivat Publishing Ltd
10 Gomonenko Str.
Kharkiv 61037,
+38 057 714 91 73 int.3390